Photos: Chad M Lyons

Spaun Drums Marcel P. Blanchet

Spaun Drums Supports Marcel

L to R Marcel, Jennifer Somo, Neddy Smith, Ryan Larson

(L to R) Ryan Larson, Jedd Chlebowski, Marcel P. Blanchet, Carolyn Raming
Photo by Marilyn Catasus










Left: Stephanie Haddon - Alto Sax

Above: Brian Leary - Piano

Below: Kristen Masterson - Vocals

ON Bass - Mr. Fred Stroud

Producer and Drummer

Joe Kiernan - Guitar

Rich Ruotolo - Vibes
Photos:Lynn Waters

Marcel and Beyond the Sun

L to R: Morris Trent - Bass, Marcel - Drums,
Carolyn "CC" Raming - Vocals, Kalim Zarif - Piano


Dave Overthrow - Bass


Mr. Fred Stroud - Bass
Photo:Lynn Waters

brettbBrett Bottomley - Chapman Stick